We're the software layer between an eCommerce cart & physical delivery

Our values

We take our culture very, very seriously. We're quirky and are driven by a strong desire to change the world. Here are our 7 core values:

1. We delight customers

We put the customer in the centre of everything we do and favour the customer over everything else. We speak up for our customers and fight for what is right. We aim to wow and delight the customer with every interaction.

2. We act as owners

We commit ourselves every day to our work, to our customers, to each other. When we take on responsibility for something, we see it through. We roll up our sleeves as owners whenever there is a problem to be solved. 'Not my job' is not in our vocabulary.

3. We love data

We settle debates with data and not job titles. Everything is a hypothesis that must be tested. We measure and test everything, and are always validating because what's correct today can be wrong tomorrow, and vice versa.

4. We show an extreme bias for action

We value scrapiness over perfection. Real, sustained and lasting improvements can only be found with shipping quick and incremental changes.

5. We love simplicity

Simplicity is a competitive advantage that doesn't just happen, it has to be recreated constantly by removing complexity. When solving a problem, we come up with the simplest solutions. We stop generating unused reports. We cancel unproductive meetings. We remove unnecessary rules. We automate manual processes. We simplify workflows.

6. We play the long game with bold bets

We cannot build a company that will outlive us if we sacrifice long-term goals for short-term gains. Our bias for action does not deviate us from our values or mission. 

7. We are annoyingly transparent.

We are annoyingly transparent with our customers, with our investors and with each other. We share everything (unless there's a legal restriction or the information isn't ours to share). We don't believe in hierarchies.

We have a very detailed overview of our policies and culture, take a look.

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