We're the software layer between an eCommerce cart & physical delivery.

We're building the software tools to power the next $1T of eCommerce value. Our initial focus is on solving same-day logistics, but we're so much more then just that - check the careers below if you're interested in learning more & working with us.

Company Facts

9 People
5 Roasts of Coffee
$3.5M Raised

Our Values

We take our culture very, very seriously. We're quirky and are driven by a strong desire to change the world. Here are our 10 commandments that we live by:

We put our customers first

Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do makes the customer our top priority. When in doubt, favour the customer over everything else. We speak up for our customers and fight for what is right.

We create magic for our customers

Good companies satisfy their customers, great companies delight them. We aim to delight in everything we do. Every interaction with us should wow our users.

We love data

We measure and test everything. We settle debates with data and not job titles. Everything is a hypothesis that must be tested, always. What's correct today can be wrong tomorrow, and vice versa.

We love simplicity

Simplicity is a competitive advantage that doesn't just happen, it has to be recreated constantly by removing complexity. Stop generating unused reports. Cancel unproductive meetings. Remove unnecessary rules. Automate manual processes. Simplify workflows.

We show an extreme bias for action

We value scrapiness over perfection. Real, sustained and lasting improvements can only be found with shipping quick and incremental changes.

We play the long game

We cannot build a company that will outlive us if we sacrifice long-term goals for short-term gains. Our bias for action does not deviate us from our values or mission.

We make bold bets

We make big bold bets. We take risks but we mitigate them by testing our assumptions. Sometimes we fail, but failure makes us smarter. We get back up, we make the next bet, and we go!

We act as owners

We commit ourselves every day to our work, to our customers, to each other. When we take on responsibility for something, we see it through. We seek out problems and we solve them. We help each other and those who matter to us. We have a bias for action and accountability. And when we make mistakes, we own them and we learn from them.

We are annoyingly transparent

We are annoyingly transparent with our customers, with our investors and with each other. We share everything (unless there's a legal restriction or the information isn't ours to share). We don't believe in hierarchies.

We're proudly quirky

We celebrate differences because they make us stronger. There’s nothing wrong with pineapple on pizza and everyone should not only feel safe here, but you should thrive being who you are.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Aadil "Kaz" Kazmi
Co-founder &
Sara "Bobs" Bobadilla
Head of Customer Success
Michael "Cheungers" Cheung
Account Executive
Zeeshan "Zee" Hamid
Co-founder &
Head of Engineering
Darren "Town" Thompson
Engineering Manager
Jeremy "TRex" Naster
Account Executive
Maraz "Big Papi" Rahman
Co-founder &
Head of Sales
James "Vancity" Howell
Account Executive
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