Integrate same-day delivery seamlessly

Simple integrations, endless options

Multiple integrations for any set-up

Whether you're shipping yourself using an eCommerce platform or outsourcing logistics to a 3PL partner, Swyft provides multiple integration options to manage same-day delivery at scale

Need more firepower? Customize your shipping logic

Design a shipping solution based on your needs whether it be printing shipping labels at bulk or setting custom rules for 'free same-day delivery' for certain products

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Integrating same-day can be easy


Integrate Swyft into your eCommerce site

Connect your eCommerce site to Swyft using direct plugins (Shopify, Magento, etc.) or plug in to the Swyft API

Set shipping logic at the cart checkout

Swyft automatically displays "same-day delivery" at checkout. Manage custom shipping logic (ex. free shipping for certain items) easily in-app


Effortlessy deliver & optimize operations

Orders are picked up from your store or 3PL partner by the cut-off time. Fetch tracking updates, optimize shipping costs & see everything from the Swyft Control Panel


Ready to boost cart conversions?