Scale your business & get paid faster

Grow delivery volume, get paid faster & leverage powerful logistics optimization technology for routes that improve the bottom line.
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Why join Swyft?

Scale your business effortlessly

Risk Free

Swyft guarantees a minimum earning potential*, we always pay on-time and offer favorable factoring options. Scale your business with zero risk, fair earnings and a dedicated support team

Grow effortlessly

Connecting to the Swyft network is easy and quick. Leverage our logistics stack, integrate via API or choose to work with us via our web dashboard. Once connected you can begin growing your business!

Increase profit margins

Swyft takes care of processing orders for accuracy and data integrity, reducing risks of a failed delivery on the route. We also offer powerful route optimization & batching/sorting to grow margins

What We Offer

Here are the ways you can make money.

Connect with Swyft
Create an account and upload your next day delivery coverage zip codes along with your capacity and pricing
Receive an Offer
See the volume that can go into your coverage, receive an estimated daily volume based on your capacity and pricing
Start Delivering
Volume you win is optimized and scrubbed for errors, improving margins, and appears in your dashboard or fleet software
Competitive factoring service
Flexible schedule with rates as low as 0.5% so you get more cash faster.
Faster payment with integration
Run your business through Swyft’s API to get paid before even receiving the invoice.
No volume commitment
We process any sized invoice!
Coming Soon!
On Demand services will launch soon!

Connect to Swyft & scale everywhere

By joining the Swyft network you can grow your business by delivering packages in every major city across Canada and the US - all from one integration, the Swyft logistics platform.

Best of all - joining the network is completely free! Not ready? Download our brochure to learn more.

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Can I use the Swyft Network to deliver my volume?
How does Factoring work?
How long does it take to get started?
Do I need to pay Swyft anything?

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